National Conference on Australian Prison Issues

Not Just Inside Issues But Outside Outcomes

One of our goals at the Australian Prison Foundation is to help create and sustain networks and knowledge sharing among stakeholders of corrections services in Australia as a part of this each year we will hold a low cost one day conference. Papers, presentations and audio recordings of this event will be available at no cost from this website.

The first National Conference on Australian Prison Issues was held in Melbourne on the 21st October, 2009 at the Burwood campus of Deakin University in 2009. Our thanks to Prof. Joe Graffam and all the staff at Deakin University for their generosity in donating a wonderful venue for our event.

Speakers & Agenda Details 2009

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 8.45am Registrations
 9.00am Welcome – Miriam Scurrah
 9.10am Father Peter Norden - A National Perspective on the Use (or abuse) of Imprisonment in Australia - Presentation

Claire Spivakovsky - Localised Correctional Approaches towards Indigenous Offender Responsivity - Presentation

 10.35am Morning Tea
 11.00am Prof. Rob White - The Duality of Responsibility and the End of Prison as We Know It - Presentation
 11.35am Ron Fabre - Improving Prisoner rehabilitation and reintegration outcomes through computer and Internet-based resources and education
 12.10pm Dr. Terry Bartholomew - Measuring community views about the reintegration of offenders: Victorian data & Should young children be allowed to reside with incarcerated mothers? The views of key Australian stakeholders
 1.00pm Lunch
 1.30pm Miriam Scurrah - The Australian Prison Foundation – Why did it start and what will it do? - Paper
 2.05pm Prof. Joe Graffam - The ecology of reintegration: an explanatory and support model - Presentation
 2.40pm Dr. Debra Smith - Conversations with Patrick - Presentation
 3.15pm Afternoon Tea
 3.45pm John Ryan - Prisons, Needles and Occupational Health and Safety - Video on Lateline Presentation
 4.20pm Greg Barns - The Politics of Prison Reform: When will the Penny Drop?
 4.55pm Summary - Miriam Scurrah